Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making a Mess with Mommy

Nothing like being told it is ok to get dirty in the house. Kendyllee loves helping me make goodies in the kitchen. Her favorite is cinnamon rolls. She enjoys rolling out the dough and then helping me smear all the yummy stuff on the inside together. Love my mini-me!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not what it looks like. I PROMISE!!

Kendyllee has been having a hard time taking naps lately. She would much rather play with her toys and have fun than sleep. Owen and I chuckled when we saw what she had put under her door. It reminded us both of inmates in jail. Putting the empty plates and bowls under the door. Silly Goose!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wishing it was Spring!!

We are all waing patiently for SPRING to come. And I gotta tell you, it is taking its sweet time. Last fall the leaves did not get raked up, so Owen thought it would be fun to rake up the leaves and let Kendyllee run thru them and play. Boy was he right!! She had the best time. I have no idea many times he had to rake up the big pile for her to destroy them. What a fun time she had!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Worm

Our beautiful Kendyllee loves books!! And this shows you how much!! Notice how there is another book under the one on the bed. LOVE HER!!

Kallen's Blessing Day

Today is a day that I will always remember, for many reasons. Of course, the first being Kallen's blessing. It was a wonderful day. We chose to do it today because originally Aaron and Heidi had planned on coming for a couple days to be here to support us on this special day for Kallen. But a couple days ago, Edmond started getting sick and then the next day so did Chris and Gabe. So then we had to decide if we still wanted to do it today. We kept changing our minds between today and waiting until we went home next time, which is not until Halloween. Owen and I both decided that Kallen needed this blessing now in his life. We both felt sad that none of our family or friends from home would be here to witness this special day. But for his sake, we did not change any plans. It was not until yesterday that I found out why we felt so strongly about doing today. Yesterday I was doing some filing and came across Owen's folder with all of his important papers from when we was little. I opened it and started looking thru it. I came across his blessing certificate. He was blessed by his Uncle Doug on February 6th 1983, 28 years ago today. How amazing is that? Once again, I have been given another lesson that we need to trust in His timing, not ours.
The blessing was wonderful. Owen did an amazing job. It is so comforting to me to know how much he honors his Priesthood!! We had some really good friends come and support us. Standing in circle with Owen was our home teacher, Lee Carleton, the 2nd counselor in our Bishopric, Jason Sawyer and our Bishop Westley White. Our friends Blake and Jenny Nielsen and their kids, Jayna, Justus, Tasha and Keira came. Shileen Molde and her kids, Jaxton and Jukilynn also came. We are so thankful for all the wonderful friends and the support they give us here.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

To Smart for her own Britches

Since Halloween, Owen and I have been bribing Kendyllee to say her ABC's and count to 10 with her candy. She has become very smart in the last couple of months. I was very happy that she let me get her on camera. We love her smarty pants!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Family Pics 2011

Since we now have the most handsome little man in our family, I wanted to be sure we had some family pics while he is still small. (I have an idea that won't last long.) We went to JCPenneys and had them done. Hope you like.

Kallen was not a happy camper to say the least, so most of the pics have his binky in them. What ever works right?

So in love with him!!

So what do you think?